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Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA)

Business Intelligence is the ability to turn data into information. It is the ability to collect data from various departments, applications or entities and merge them into one central collection, giving you a full view of the information at hand. Seems to be simple enough but in the majority of circumstances it never is and poses a real challenge. Incomplete or unreliable data, complex structures or multiple sources of data are just some factors that complicate the output of our information.

More often than not businesses end up having multiple reports which do not give an actual scenario of the company and its performance but a mere breakdown of the data collected from each source.
Business Analytics is the aftermath of Business Intelligence. It is the concept of forecasting and taking decisive decisions that will affect your business in the future based on the findings that are being presented to you.

In a way Business Intelligence provides you with information that is available now and Business Analytics helps you react on that information and grow your business.

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