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BI Reporting

Whether a business already has BI Solution / Data Warehouse or not there will always be the need for some form of reporting. This will provide a perspective at a glance of the performance of the business, irrespective if shown in tabular or diagrammatic format. A report will give a snapshot of what is running through a business. Reports may vary in style; Tabular / Diagrammatic Static Reports, Dynamic Reports, Dashboards and Drill through but most importantly reports vary in scope, whether it is enterprise, operational, production or ad-hoc.

Consider Design
More often than not reports might turn up to be visually confusing and overwhelming, inappropriate chart types and too many visuals within one screen. There are many rules to good dashboard design, but the key is to let the report tell the story and not let the screen be overrun by imagery and "flashing lights."

Reports are continuously evolving beyond the static reports and business users are clamoring for ways to easily interact with data without having to use complex tools or rely on IT as much as possible. New ad-hoc reporting solutions allow non-power users to dynamically build reports from live data with drag-and-drop capabilities to gain instant insight and then save and share their reports. The main purpose of a well developed BI Solution is put this in place and provide analysis into the hands of the Business users.